Saturday, June 12, 2010

Legion of Sorts!

To everyone who has been visiting this blog over the past five years, THANK YOU. Since I've been in China for the past year and a half, Blogger has been blocked and it makes it more and more difficult for me to update. I finally took the time to move over to Wordpress which is still available in China and so I've created a new blog with the same contributors plus many new ones. It will focus a bit on our daily skateboarding adventures in Shanghai but also include more about our many friends around the world; Brian in Canada, Danny in New Zealand, Tyler and the Haines St. Crew in Delaware and much more!

So please update your bookmarks to point to And to anyone who'd like a link on our site, just shoot us an email at!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fuck US Airways!

FUCK US Airways! Had an hour delay in Pheonix, causing me to miss my connection in LAX, forcing me to stay for a whole day in the airport w/ no money, no phone, and no internet. They wouldn't even help me get on the next flight to Hong Kong b/c they weren't liable for what their delays caused. MOTHER FUCKERS! FUCK YOU US AIRWAYS! I hope no one ever flies with them every again, swag ass dick lickers. Anyway, I'm in Seoul, Korea after a 12 hour flight from LAX, waiting another 5 hours for my connection to Shanghai. I have literally been flying continuously since Saturday evening, with a night rest in San Antonio, most of my time has been spent waiting in the god damn worst fucking airport in the world, yes you, LAX.

Here are some old shit videos since China's internet sucks balls and luckily I can still get on Vimeo in Seoul.

Brian Smith likes flowers from Tommy Zhao on Vimeo.

JMART skates?? from Tommy Zhao on Vimeo.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Banana Power

Johnnie Tang - Backside Heelflip from Tommy Zhao on Vimeo.

Top 10 Airports Visited in the Past Month

Alright, alright, alrightyyyyy then! So it's been since February since I've had access to un-China-walled internet, that's the main reason I've been lacking on the updates. I'm currently in San Antonio, Texas, waiting for my flight to Pheonix, then LAX, then Hong Kong, finally back to Shanghai. Since I've been traveling quite a bit the past 3 weeks, I'm going to make a list of the airports I've been in and ranking them from best to least favorite:

1. Hong Kong. Free wi-fi. Super quick and convenient. Everyone speaks English if you need it. There's better shopping in the airport than any mall in Delaware. The food is quite expensive though.

2. HongQiao Airport, Shanghai, China. So convenient, it's 6 stops away from my crib on the metro.

3. Xi'An Airport, China. It's so small and empty and peaceful.

4. Pudong Airport, Shanghai, China. It's huge. Pretty much everything that China wants in an airport that portrays the country. Free wi-fi too.

5. Pheonix Airport. Have you BEEN to Pheonix?! The scenery is amazing. Free wi-fi is a plus.

6. San Antonio Airport. Officially the nicest employees out of any airport I've been to. Free wi-fi here too.

7. Guadalajara Airport, Mexico. Tequila everywhere, but shitty restaurants and mosquitos overload.

8. GuangZhou Airport, China. This place sucks. My cell phone got in my checked luggage between LAX and GuangZhou so that may be the main reason. It's full of people spitting and coughing everywhere.

9. Los Angeles Airport. Worst airport. No free wi-fi. No good food.

10. BeiJing Airport, China. I just don't like Beijing.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fuck Berra...

Save your three dollars for Benny's hotdog stand. Here's the Shane O'Neill part.

p.s. Don't pay for the video. You're not supporting skateboarding when you buy shit from the berrics. You're supporting the church of scientology and a skate park you will never get to skate. Board companies support riders, riders come up and put out video parts and sell boards for their sponsors that helped them come up... It's win win for both parties. Steve Berra putting out a pro part and taking more than he is entitled to for distributing the video is whack. Fuck you Steve Berra.
/end rant

EDIT: First vid got shut down, here's another... hopefully it'll last a little longer

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Support Development of a Skatepark in Newark Delaware Petition

Support Development of a Skatepark in Newark Delaware Petition

The City of Newark Plans to develop the site of the old Curtis Paper Mill as a community park. We would like them to include a concrete skateboard park in the project.

By signing this petition you show your support for skateboarding in Newark. This interest will raise awareness with not only city officials, but also members of Delaware Office of Parks and Recreation.

Please visit the City of Newark for more information, site plans, and to use the online comment form.


DIY in Delaware

Delaware kids are doing big things...

Help raise funds to keep the building going at The Pink Spot. Great progress has been made over the last several weeks at the spot. The ground is getting swept up, trash is being removed, and skate obstacles are being built. The spot consists of ledges, rails, pole jams, steps, gaps, and some small transitions. This is a perfect opportunity to create a Delaware skate spot from the ground up. Show your support and chip in a few dollars, if you can't come help clean up or build!